Product Detail:

Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester

Model: DX-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester

DX-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester

DX-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Tester

Working principle and application

DX-30SST Silicon Steel Sheet Iron Loss Meter adopts SCM technique and analog electronics technique, the magnetic circuit of permeameter adopts low loss silicon steel iron core, it is a small tester for measuring the characteristics of silicon steel sheet, met the requirements of tracing the brand of silicon steel sheet.
The design of hardware circuit is according to Chinese industry standard(GB / 3655-2000), through real-time sampling for the secondary induction voltage V and primary exciting current I to compensate air to below 1.0mV. It adopts the wave feedback technology, to ensure that the sinusoidal waveform of magnetic flux, compared with similar products, the measuring data will be more accurate.
The design of software is powerful, stand-alone can directly measure silicon steel sheet loss Ps and magnetic induction Bm, all operations can be performed on the panel. Matched with the PC software, it can measure BH hysteresis loop and u-H permeability curve, and Ps-B loss .
The measuring accuracy and function of this device exceed similar products at home and abroad ( general iron loss meter adopts the halfway permeameter and the effective value calculation method), test accuracy is close to the accuracy of large equipments, basically meet the alternative of performance parameters measured according to square ring standard, it is the fbest choice for enterprises which use small and medium sized silicon steel sheets to control incoming inspection.

Technical index

1. Power suppluy
1) Frequency: 50Hz/60H, Accuracy: 0.05%
2) Power: 20V/1.5A, Accuracy: 0.1%
2. Permeameter
1) Suitable sample wafer: Length: >90mm, Width: 20-30mm, Thickness: 0.1-1.0mm
  2) total loss ratio PS: 0.1—1.9T(continuously adjustable),  Accuracy: 2.5%
  3) the setting range of saturation magnetic induction Bm: 0.5—1.9T,  Accuracy: 2.0%
4) the setting range of exciation intensity Hm: 10000A/m continuously settable,  Accuracy:2.5%


1. Optionally add an MC232 interface, directly record test data, print a test table through the computer.
2. Optionally add PC software, realize the measurement for full performance parameters of monolithic silicon steel and print all kinds of curve report.
3. Optionally add a micro square ring to measure square ring sample of width 15mm, length 140mm, test data is closer to the square ring.

Production requirements of oriented samples

If you could, please produce samples refering to the production requirements of square ring in GB / T3655-2000. In general, you could adopt 4 pieces of non-oriented silicon steel sheets(2 pieces cut from transverse and 2 pieces cut from axis) and 2 pieces of oriented samples to measure and calculate average value. The more the samples will be, it will be closer to the test data of square ring.