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Magnetic Application Equipment

Introduction of Magnetic Application Equipment:

Magnetic Application products have many different kinds in in all the various trades and occupations. All equipments controlled by magnet are magnetic application equipment, they have a lot of obvious advantages, for example: they can produce huge strength in little space without touch, simple structure, high adaptability, wide control space. But all the equipments controlled by magnet might be limited, for example: force distence is limited, the maximum force is limited by material of magnetic materials, the operation might be affected by the force between same objects. Besides, all magnetic equipments are made based on electromagnet or permanent magnet, which have their own advantages asn disadvantages in different situation. We should get well know about their connotation when using this technology, know how to take use of the advantages, and avoid disadvantages. It is an subject can not be ignored to reasonably develop this technology. We are deternined in developing and producing the new types as follow, and welcome old and new clients to cooperate with us.

Magnetic separator

We produce perpetual magnetic separators and electromagnetic separators of all types according to users’ different reuirements.

1. Self-cleaning automatic Magnetic Separator

2. Roller Magnetic Separator

3. Permanent Magnet Separator

magnetic lifter

Lifting Electromagnets