Product Detail:

Semi-automatic Refrigerator Door Gasket Production line

Semi-automatic Refrigerator Door Gasket Production line

Refrigerator gasket is widely used in refrigerator, ice chest, drinking machine, beverage box, sanitizing cabinet, kitchen appliances and some kinds of household and other industry applications. As the continuous development of gasket technology in China, domestic gasket machines are replacing imported foreign expensive machines

We are  doing reach in this industry for a long time. On the basis of foreign gasket machine, we developed our production line. We succeed as the supplier of Haier, Hisense, AUCMA, Meiling and other big company in China. We supply some kinds of refrigeration industry special used production line and some kinds of auxiliary equipments such as single/double angle welding machine, automatic/ semi-automatic welding machine, gasket machine and so on.

Main specification of Semi-automatic refrigerator door gasket production line:

(1) SJ-65 extruder  1 set
(2) 3m Cooling tank  2-3 sets
(3) chilling plant 1 set
(4) Haul off machine 1 set
(5) Puncher  1 set
(6) Automatic 45 degree cutting machine 1 set
(7) mechanical hands  1 set

The puncher, automatic 45 degree cutting machine and mechanical is designed as an integration and controlled by a set of PLC control system. Which is conveniently to control the cutting length by PLC screen.